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Dreams to Doodlebombs The Guardian has a beautifully illustrated piece detailing the Not 30% exhibition on their homepage today. "A 2013 report revealed that women are, at best, represented 30% of the time in the art world. Curated by arts broadcaster and curator Kate Bryan, Not 30% is part exhibition and part protest [...]



Banshee “Kate Bryan is currently the curator and Head of Collections from Soho House.  Having previously worked at the British Museum, the Fine Art Society and art galleries in Hong Kong, she is also a mentor to young women in the arts, a writer and a TV [...]



She-Files "The number of women CEOs on Britain’s FTSE 100 stock exchange was a total of eight when Kate Bryan, the British art historian and global head of collections at Soho House, first conceived of Vault 100 in April 2016. Recently opened, the ambitious permanent collection is housed within the former vaults of the [...]



Fad "Art collections in hotels used to be a miscellany of prints of ships, cows, seascapes, landscapes and buildings, depending on whether it was by the coast, or an urban or rural site. And that was it. Hopefully, things have changed and today they are presented as a cohesive series of artworks; some of them with an [...]



Stylist “Instagram is a really big force in the art world – it cannot be avoided. Leonardo DiCaprio recently purchased a piece on Instagram from a gallery that he has a relationship with. When you’re busy, and you already use the app, why not?” VIEW ARTICLE

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House Four Meet Kate, the newSoho House & Co Head of Collections take a brief look at Kate Bryan, having been recently appointed as head of collections.  Here's an excerpt: Formerly an art dealer in London and Hong Kong, she’s excited to work with the Soho House collection. “It is an impeccable selection of [...]