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Project Description

The British Cut
The Space, Hong Kong, November 2012

2012 marked an extraordinary moment in British cultural history, and The British Cut was a critical survey of the contemporary art scene of this unique moment.

The exhibition, co curated with Zelie Walker, drew together a multifaceted selection of artwork that encouraged various dialogues such as: the appropriation of art for the purposes of political or corporate power; the ever increasing fiscal values of ‘blue chip’ art that now compete with rare stones for record breaking sums at auction; the concept of art as refined, luxurious product and, conversely, the rejection of traditional materials.

Including: Martin Creed, Peter Blake, Jeremy Butler, Rob and Nick Carter, Oliver Clegg, Keith Coventry, Hugo Dalton, Steve Goddard, David Hockney, Henry Hudson, Chris Levine, Marc Quinn, David Mach, Sarah Maple, Polly Morgan Annie Morris, Humphrey Ocean, Steven Pippin, Paula Rego, Boo Saville, Stuart Semple, Rob Ward, Jonathan Yeo and Emily Young.

Images courtesy of The Fine Art Society and the Cat Street Gallery


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