Little Beach House, Barcelona

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Project Description

Little Beach House, Barcelona

The Art Collection at Little Beach House Barcelona is curated to appear as if it has lived and faded in the modernist beach front site for decades. 

The collection comprises 90% local artists: Albert Riera Galceran, Alberto Hernandez Torres, Aldo Urbano, Andrea Gomez, Bernat Daviu, Esra Kayira, Francesco Ruiz Anad, Gokhan Bagisoglu + Umut Sural, Ivan Forcadell, Jordi Mitja, Jan Monclus, Josep Mayonau, Lucy Costello, Maria Yelletisch, Marisa Culatto, Mercedes Mangrane, Nestor Sanmiguel Diest, Owen Pidcock, Pep Augut, Pere Llobera, Regina Gimenez, Rosa Anna Casano, Rosell Meseguer, Santiago Ydanez, Teresa Matas and a handful of international names such as Issac Julien, Rose Blake, Des Hughes and Paul Davies.


DUMBO House is the brand’s first club in Brooklyn—but the brand’s third club in New York. Its art is architecture-themed with a collection that includes contributions from David Adjaye, Zoe Buckman, and Steven Siegel. Its exterior and interior decoration is reminiscent of the 1960s–1970s (when the area became an enclave for artists and their studios) with “Manhattan Bridge Blue” walls that are the exact color as the Manhattan Bridge.
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