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Project Description

Platform Foundation, London

The Soho House Art Collection numbers over 5000 artworks on display permanently across our sites in 8 countries, making it one of the largest and most respected collections of its kind. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have developed with artists, at both emerging and museum level.

We are often asked by members if they can buy the work they see. Since our collection is non-commercial and permanent (not to say much cherished!) I am delighted to have been able to create an alternative avenue for collecting some of the brightest young stars.

They are carefully assembled here in Generation Y, the first exhibition at Platform Foundation. The selling exhibition shows a diverse range of mediums and approaches but one thing that unites these artists is that they are all undeniably bold and exciting new talent. They all have work in at least one Soho House site and we will continue to support and acquire their work for many years to come. I have wonderful visions of seeing them in museums in the not too distant future, something they deserve. It’s no easy thing to be a young artist in London at the moment and I am so thrilled that Platform Foundation exists as a vehicle to select, support, promote and sell work with the added benefit of being a not for profit space.

I hope you enjoy getting to know these artists and their work. Generation Y is a valuable snapshot into London’s young art scene in 2019, and possibly will one day serve as a nice reminder of how some of the most established contemporary artists of the future started out. Let’s support them on their journey.

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Platform Foundation is a non-profit gallery in Mayfair showcasing emerging artists from the UK. I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural exhibition this week and meet with one of the founders and curator Sara Terzi, who organized ‘Generation Y’ with Kate Bryan, the head of collections at Soho House.
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Platform Foundation’s main goal is to promote their under-recognised artists through an annual programme of curated exhibitions, mentoring workshops and talks. Curator Kate Bryan expressed that she has “wonderful visions of seeing them in museums in the not too distant future, something they deserve”.

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