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Project Description

Dumbo House, New York

Nestled between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, Dumbo House has a staggering vantage point across one of the most architecturally spectacular views in the world. The art collection at this new Soho House reflects that extraordinary position and is entirely comprised of work that speaks of architecture. The contemporary artists selected, many of whom live in Brooklyn, have created work that speaks to the history of architecture, the lived reality of buildings, the social aspects of construction, some are architectural in an abstract language and some are literally architectural drawings.

Highlights include: Sir David Adjaye’s special drawing which illustrates a major new commission for the architect. Our members will watch the drawing on the wall being realised in the Downtown skyline over the next years. Paul Davies modernist painting that plays on the duality between built and natural environments in modernist architectural history A new commission from celebrated Brooklyn based artist Hank Willis Thomas which reclaims historic US flags. A ghost building piece by the established British artist Alex Hartley who has made work about architecture for several decades. Recently rediscovered work by the documentary photographer Steven Siegel who recorded DUMBO in all it’s undeveloped glory in the 1970s. A different take on architecture by Dumbo based artist Zoe Buckman, who shows the construction of the female form with her vintage undergarments embroidered with lyrics by Tu Pac.


DUMBO House is the brand’s first club in Brooklyn—but the brand’s third club in New York. Its art is architecture-themed with a collection that includes contributions from David Adjaye, Zoe Buckman, and Steven Siegel. Its exterior and interior decoration is reminiscent of the 1960s–1970s (when the area became an enclave for artists and their studios) with “Manhattan Bridge Blue” walls that are the exact color as the Manhattan Bridge.
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