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Project Description

The Fine Art Society, London
May- June 2013

Light 3.142 was Chris Levine’s first major gallery exhibition. Known internationally for his iconic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, Lightness of Being, in this exhibition I was keen to provide an opportunity to fully grasp the range and depth of his practice.


Throughout his career the majority of his masterpieces have been made to be experienced – as opposed to seen. These are pieces that transcend the gallery wall, the magazine page or the email attachment. This was the first contemporary exhibition at the gallery to be staged across 3 floors, and the first in the 124 year history of the gallery to feature light installations.

The exhibition also marked the debut of his work with Kate Moss. Levine depicted his famous sitter as having far more in common with the great muses of art history than with modern celebrity. The striking composition takes us beyond the surface and distils the icon. Following this exhibition, the apotheosis of the She’s Light series was unveiled in the window of Selfridges, Oxford Street.

Images courtesy of The Fine Art Society


Photographer and visual artist Chris Levine seeks to illuminate the power inherent in stillness. A new show of his 3D portraiture opens today at the Fine Art Society in London.
Many are familiar with Chris Levine’s portrait of the Queen, entitled ‘The Lightness of Being’. The latest show at The Fine Art Society, Chris Levine’s 3.142, presents an in depth examination of his practice and seeks to contextualize the famous portrait.
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Chris Levine’s Geometry of Truth: From holographic portraiture to natural geometry, light artist Chris Levine’s illuminating new exhibition is inspired by meditation
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Pioneering light artist Chris Levine has captured Kate Moss, Grace Jones and most famously Queen Elizabeth on camera, but his new exhibition is taking a spiritual turn.
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We all need light. It doesn’t matter where it comes from – the sun during the day, from a lightbulb at night – light is everywhere, and arguably one of the essential trademarks of 20th century humanity. Malls, roads, public monuments, commercial signs… everything depends on light.
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A unique portrait of Kate Moss by British light artist Chris Levine, She’s Light (Laser), will go on show at the artist’s forthcoming solo exhibition at The Fine Art Society Contemporary in London.
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