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Project Description

At The Other Art Fair Globally 2019

In 2019 The Other Art Fair is setting itself the challenge of creating a Greener Future, led by Kate Bryan. From the operations of the art fair globally to the art on display, Greener Future is not about perfection, it’s about progress and dialogue about how we can all help each other be more eco-progressive. From wrapping materials to replacing single use plastics to creating important and urgent dialogues about how small changes can make a big impact for a worldwide effort to address global warming. Rather than a one-off campaign, this is designed to find new solutions and environmentally friendly alternatives that will be permanent aspects of the fairs moving beyond 2019.

Kate Bryan, Broadcaster and Head of Collections for Soho House Globally, is the Curator of Greener Future has programmed a year-long series of events, initiatives and exhibitions within the fair context to highlight climate change and put forward environmentally friendly art and ideas.

“We all know we should be doing more to be greener but more often than not we know that for many individuals the sheer scale of the global environmental issue is overwhelming. The Other Art Fair presents a safe space for us art lovers to come together and talk things out and actively make steps for a Greener Future within our own sphere of activity. This is not about fixing every practice right away, I am sure as each fair ends, we will have learnt new ways to improve for the next edition. It has to be a guilt-free, positive journey we all take together. Artists for me have the brightest ideas and see things in a unique way, I can’t wait to see what emerges from their creative take on building a Greener Future.” Kate Bryan, Curator of Greener Future.

Kate Bryan will curate a daily programme of artists working live at the fairs. The artists will be available to fair goers to ‘upcycle’ their art. Encouraged to bring an unwanted print, an unloved old painting, their own artwork or a tired piece resigned to the junkpile, the public can pay the equivalent of £95 to have their artwork born again.

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As part of our Greener Futures initiative, Kate Bryan, Broadcaster and Head of Collections at Soho House has curated a daily programme of artists working live at the fair.

Saatchi Art, Visit Website
Kate Bryan, a British art historian, curator and broadcaster who’s also head of collections for members’ club and hotel chain Soho House, is the global curator of the program. She’s the mastermind who assembled the respected Australian artists who’ll be participating in Upcycle Art., Visit Website